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Have you found your 4th of July Decorations? Get organized for next year by placing them into a clear container to easily identify them.
"Women with shoe racks were seven times more likely to be on time for work than women without shoe racks."
Cool BlackBerry Apps.
When's the last time you updated your BlackBerry?
Met with a client in Bridgeman. In my office till this afternoon when I go to Jazzercise (still sore from yesterday - thanks Becca!) Owie...
Busy day today. Jazzercise, run to the post office, work on website, ebook, constant contact and Brides A La Mode. Whew!

Post Vacation Checklist

1. Unpack and sort items. Clothes go right to the laundry area, gifts are sorted according to person, travel items are stored with the luggage.

2. Start a load of laundry as soon as possible.

3. If you have taken a roadtrip, wash your car and vaccum the inside. Also schedule any necessary maintenace.

4. Water houseplants.

5. Deliver gifts. Get them out of your house, for one, so they can bring joy to others!

6. Sort mail - catalogs, bills, correspondence.

7. Pay bills

8. Get back into your normal routine.

9. Download photos into a vacation album.
Aggravated with your IPod accessories?

Brides A La Mode

Preparing for a virtual organizing session with a client this morning and then I am off to my WBOM meeting! Looking forward to a fun day!
A reformed hoarder shares her best clutter cures.

"Just Puttering"

That was almost always my grandpa's response to my question of, "whatcha doing?" Usually he was in the shed looking for a whatchamacalit or in the garden lyming the tomato plants or teaching Barney, his dog a new trick. Sometimes it was pestering my grandma. He loved to do that.

So tonight as I find myself not wanting to follow my schedule of things to do and aimlessly wandering around the house watering plants one minute and picking out my outfit for tomorrow the next, I came back to that phrase.

Sometimes in life, we just need a good putter. No schedule, nothing pressing. Just puttering.

Puttering can take the form of many activities. Folding laundry, looking through a bookcase, cleaning out your purse, entertaining your pets. That's the beauty of a good putter.

As an organizer, however, puttering should not be encouraged. Schedules should be made and adhered to. Items put back into their rightful place after use. That to-do list should be to-done. That kind of thing. …
Just had a telephone conference with my accountability partner in Miami. Now I gotta get to work on those goals!

June is Rebuild Your Life Month

Do you feel shame or failure? Are you embarrassed to invite guests into your home? Are your children suffering because of your lack of organization? It's time to rebuild your life.
Six months into 2009 seems an appropriate time for Rebuild Your Life Month. How are the new years resolutions? Have you stuck to them? If not, now is the time to start over! Press that do over button and get on with it!
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