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You've Got Mail! (Oh Goodie)

Remember when we were excited to receive email?  When we logged on to our computers and heard "you've got mail!"   With the spam and the endless amounts of email we now receive, is anyone out there excited to check email?   According to, the average person receives 30-40 emails per day.  Imagine if you have to respond to 10% of those emails.  How do you keep them straight?

How many times have you heard the phrase "Your email got lost in my system?"  Or, how many times have you said that?

Here are some tips to keep you loving your email account (or at least not cringing at the thought of checking it):

1.   Unsubscribe to unnecessary email.  From advertisers for     example....not from your favorite organizer!

2.   When using a mobile device and an email comes through that you need to take action on - use which is also a mobile app to take the email and turn it into a to-do.  The same program can be used to take a text message and convert it …