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Don't Set Resolutions - Set Goals

Goals are more quantifiable, measurable.   When you set a "resolution" do you stick to it?  No.  Because you cannot measure it.

This past May, I started using  I learned about this online task list at the NAPO 2010 Conference.  It allows me to set goals - and check them regularly to see if I am on track.  I'm happy to say that the goals I set for myself and for my business in the beginning of 2010, I have met.  I think this program should get some of the credit.

I can also schedule my to-do's which I use to plan my goals. will tell me what's overdue, due the next day and I can even look forward 7-10 days.

I can schedule a to-do from my phone, which is great when a task pop's into my head when I'm no where near a computer.

I can access from any computer.

So, set your goals, plan the tasks that will get you there and look forward to what you will accomplish in the new year!

Last Minute Stress Reduction and Gift Ideas

If you are feeling frantic, and stressed out over the fact that Christmas Eve is exactly one week from today, then it's time to cross some things off your to do list.  You know the ones - take your pet for grooming before company arrives, cross it off.  Fido will be fine and you will have one less thing to do and your guests will never notice. 

What I want you to do, right now, is look at your holiday to do list - be it a mental list or physical list, and cross off those things that really aren't that important once you think of it.

If you are still scratching your head over what to get someone - here are some really simple ideas:
Send an egift certificate from The Container Store
Just enter the amount, send a personalized message, select a design and it is emailed to your recipient.

    2.    A gift certificate from Simply Organized good for two hours of virtual organizing OR the set up of …

New Uses for Hangers

Guest blogger Audra Fettinger shares her invaluable insight once again.  Enjoy!

old definition: hang-er (noun)

1. frame for hanging a garment

new definition: hang-er (noun)

1. thing for organizing your small garden flags.

Group seasonal flags together on one skirt hanger. Place in a closet.

Smile, knowing next month you can find your wrinkle free flag.

2. display for children’s artwork and school papers.

Buy wooden skirt hangers with hooks. Let your munchkins decorate with their name. Arrange in the hall or family room. Volia! Instant art gallery that’s easy to change.

3. puzzle or gamekeeper

Place puzzle pieces and picture from the box in a zip lock bag. (Face it, the box is crushed and tape will not hold up to a second beating.) Use the clips to hold the newly organized nightmare. Bonus: the kids can’t reach them without supervision. No more mystery puzzle pieces around the house.

I Don't Like Them, Sam I Am!

I do not like the other purse organizers out there and I'll tell you why by telling you why I think the Purse Perfector Purse Organizers are the best thing since sliced bread.

1.  Purse Perfectors are sturdy and durable made of high quality nylon.  When you remove them from your purse they sit up.  The "others" are made with low quality material that makes them slouch and fall over.
2.   Purse Perfectors are manufactured in the United States.  Can the "others" say that?  From what I have seen the answer is no.

3.   Purse Perfectors are highly adaptable.  You can zip it into two separate organizers.  One small for a small purse or fanny pack and the other larger compartment for a diaper or book bag.  You can also undo the zipper almost all the way to allow your Purse Perfector to fit into a suitcase.  The "others" have no adaption from what you get.

4.   Purse Perfectors are packaged by Easter Seals volunteers.  Since the "others" aren't eve…

Give the Gift of a Clutter Free Christmas!

Here are some ideas for clutter free gifting this holiday season.  The best part?  None of these gifts do not require wrapping!

Offer to babysit for new parents

Schedule your family for a portrait

Membership at their favorite museum

Open a college fund

Make a donation to the recipients favorite charity in their name

Sign them up for a flower club - locally Town & Country Florist offers this great service.  Visit them at to learn more!

Gift Certificates
Car Wash
Dance, cooking or music lessons

Michiana Area Residents - The Community Reserve is in Need of Your Donations

If you are de-cluttering your home for the holiday and have donations, please consider The Community Reserve of New Carlisle which is a ministry of the New Carlisle Wesleyan Church. 

The Community Reserve is in desperate need of donations.  They will even pick up your donations!  Visit their blog to learn more.

Contact Marvin Larue with any questions or for drop off or pick up information at 574-654-8237.

Social Media Set Up & Management

I have decided to throw my hat into the ring of Social Media Set Up & Management.  What does this mean?  Well, I have talked to so many people that want to set up a FaceBook page, business page, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts  or blogs that either 1)  Don't know how or 2)  Don't have the time.  Well, thanks to several conference sessions that I have attended through the years focusing on social media as well as working social media myself I have the knowledge to not only set up a specific page but also to manage those pages and accounts so that my clients will be able to 1)  Market their businesses without being chained to their computers  2)  Keep up with family, friends - and classmates and everything in between.

So now till December 22nd, I am offering my No Nonsense Package at only $60.00.  This is a savings of $120.00!  After December 22nd the price will return to normal - $180.00.

For $60.00 you will get:

Telephone consultation - we will talk about what your social netwo…