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Getting Organized Has Not Been Taught in Schools..... Until Now!

As a NAPO in the Schools Trained Provider, I will come into your local elementary school to present this totally interactive presentation that teaches elementary school students basic organizing principles and the benefits of being organized. This program is a community outreach presented by NAPO and there is no charge to the schools.

Each school program includes an interactive presentation to be given to students in a classroom setting by a professional organizer (me). The presentation lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the time available with the teacher. Teachers and students are asked to give feedback in an evaluation form at the end of the presentation. Handouts that include organizing tips are distributed to parents; the aim is to start a dialogue between parent and child about being organized.

The emphasis of the Elementary School program is managing “stuff.” A disorganized child character, Drake or Hazel, is introduced to the stu…

Five Simple Steps to Gear Up for the Holidays!

1. Review your Christmas card mailing list for any address changes, names, etc.

2. Purchase Christmas stamps.

3. Purchase Christmas cards.

4. Review your Christmas shopping list.

5. Discuss the holiday season with your family. What activities do they want to participate in? Remember - pick and choose the activities you will be attending and remember you can't be everywhere.