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Crossing It Off Your List

I hate to admit this.  

For the past six months, I have had a to-do on my list that I kept passing over.  

I passed it over because I thought it would take too long.  I passed it over because it had been a long time since I had done it last time and I wasn't sure I remembered how.

What was it?  Cleaning my dryer vent hose.

Kind of important - and I kept putting it off.

Have you ever skipped over a task because you weren't sure how to do it - or that it would take too long?

Let me tell you - this task took me all of 30 minutes.  Done.

What passed over task will you cross off of your list today?  You will feel so accomplished once it's done!

In Joy,


It Might Have Been.....

Truly sad.  I agree.
The joy in this quote - you still have the power to turn those "might's" into "did".   How amazing is that?
It's almost never too late to follow through on what might have been.
Changing a relationship for the better, for example.  Looking at a problem in a different light.  Did you say way back when that you "might" go to Hawaii?  Go.  Do.  The time is now.
What "might" are you going to change into "did"?
In Joy,