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We Are All In the Same Boat

How do you deal with the pile of paper on the kitchen island, the clothes stuffed into your closet, your student's homework and your calendar........

These are some of the issues that I teach attendees to resolve in the De-Clutter Your Life Workshop.

I started presenting these workshops in January of 2012 because I felt that I could help more people if I created a workshop based on the information and skills I passed on to my hands on organizing clients.

The last workshop I presented, at Photographs by Debbie Griffith, was, according to my attendees, "a life changer," "information was easy to understand, and presented in a friendly and organized environment."  One attendee said, "It is very exciting to hear others have the same issues in their life and to learn answers to help tackle our problems."

My workshops focus on mutual support and encouragement and
the fact that we are all in the same boat. 

The next lifeboat or workshop sails on Thursday, May 16th…