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World Environment Day is Tomorrow. How Are You Celebrating?

With World Environment Day approaching on June 5th I wanted to share this handy reference guide to decomposition in hopes that you reconsider before you toss that Aluminum can into the garbage.

World Environment Day challenges us to do one positive thing for the environment.   So I've been mulling this over.  What can I do to positively impact the environment?   Here is what I have come up with:

Shop at a food co-op.  You are keeping food and money local which has a positive impact on the environment (no shipping the food across the country) and the local economy.

Shopping for clothing at a resale shop.

Walking whenever you can.

Using cloth bags when shopping.


Re-purposing.  The wool sock you are about to throw out can be used for dusting.

My question - challenge to you is - what is one positive thing you will do on World Environment Day?  Will you carry it through to every day?