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Are the Seniors in Your Life Safe?

I've recently been through a crash course on emergency planning - as it relates to my mother.  On September 10th (I remember the exact date - it changed my life) my mother fell for the second time in a year.  Same scenario as last time - a trip to the hospital and stitches.  Prior to this I had been noticing that she was having difficulty with things that used to be easy for her such as doing the dishes or preparing meals.  This was a wake up call.  The day after her fall, we had a conversation about living in an independent living facility.  Surprisingly my mother wanted to look into it.  Fearing another fall, or something much worse I wasted no time in operation keep mom safe.
We were lucky because the facility mom wanted was available and was offering a move in discount.  It has many activities and outings for residents.  Meals are provided as well as laundry service and a cleaning service.   Mom no longer has to shop for meals or cook them.  Nor does she have to clean or do la…