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From Real Simple: 20 Ways to Save During the Holidays


Staying Organized

From Donna Smallin's Book, "Organizing Plain & Simple".

Staying organized is even more challenging than getting organized, because you have to train yourself to do things differently. It takes twenty-one consecutive days to establish a new habit, by making a conscious effort every day NOT to do the same old thing. Once you've uncluttered your home, staying organized involves picking up, putting away, and discarding excess stuff on a regular basis.

Inside the Lives of Hoarders, Part 1

Brace yourselves…what's going on behind closed doors will leave you speechless. A 3,000-square-foot house is filled with 75 tons of garbage. One woman's own children turned her in, now we're going in to dig her out. Tune in Thursday, November 15, and Friday, November 16.

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Original Air Date: November 15, 2007 and November 16, 2007 Confessions of a Clutterholic CD



There I was, in despair I was,
So deep in debris no one knew where I was.
And I had to come out of the closet,
'Cause I couldn't get into the closet,
And face a truth so catastrophic, so outre, so diabolic --
I had become a clutterholic!

I love all my stuff, I'm surrounded by stuff,
And I keep accumulating and it's never enough
I had piles on the piano, and piles on the floor...
I hadn't seen my table top since '94.
I read all the books -- tried to master Feng Shui
But I couldn't throw a single piece of paper away.

I had...
Jigsaw puzzles missing pieces, 40 years of rental leases,
Baby shoes and old eyeglasses, notes from all my college classes,
Souvenirs from summer trips and long expired memberships,
Every type of little boxes, bits of fur and silver foxes,
Hordes of fascinating books and cookbooks by 100 cooks,
Photos from the Caribbean, from the Dead Sea, the Aegean,
Beads an…

Too Many Cookbooks?

This past weekend, I took a tip I had read some time ago and put it to use. I took 4 cookbooks that I had used in the past and tore out the pages of receipes I had used and liked and then placed those recipes in plastic pages and then in the binder you see here. Instead of having 4+ cookbooks, I have condensed down to one.