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No No Gadgets!

One thing that irritates me is not being able to find something I need.  While digging for my favorite rubber scraper I noticed most of the tools I have are not being used.  The garlic press, zester, cheese grater and dull pizza cutter are just taking up space.  I have acquired too many tools and gadgets that just add clutter, not efficiency.

Re purpose and assign double duty to household items.  Simplifying the amount of gadgets you own gives you more time to enjoy the things you love. Here’s a list of multipurpose items that will help reduce clutter.

I already own attachments to my Kitchen Aid that slice and shred.  So multiples of these items can go.

Inexpensive dish pans replace:

Toy bins

Ice and beverage holders for a gathering

Easy to carry snack and juice boxes for the team

CD storage

Kitchen Knives replace:

A garlic press

Citrus peeler

Apple slicer/corer


Keep bags closed (Ditch the chip clip.)

Display cards, photographs and pictures

Use to label items hanging in st…