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I've gone paperless! I never thought that would happen. I have always been a pen and paper girl - or so I thought before I got my BlackBerry. No more grocery, Staples or K-Mart lists. It's all on my BlackBerry. Lost? No problem - hop on the internet and get directions. This thing has GPS - which means no more calls to my poor husband when I'm lost (which happened quite frequently). Before and after photos of my clients rooms? No problem - I can take a photo and email it to myself on this device. No need for a separate camera.

When technology works and saves time and paper its wonderful.
I joined Jazzercize this morning. What fun! I have absolutely no rhythm and I probably looked like I was working out with my feet in shoe boxes, but I had a good time. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's session.

Important stuff I realized during the session:

1. I should have joined sooner.

2. Getting your health organized is just as important as getting your closet organized.

The rest of the day I had more energy and less desire to eat junk food. If you think I was a whir wind before, just look out.

GOOD News!

In this day and age, all we hear about is bad news. I believe we need to be positive and put that intention out to the world. If we do - it will come back to us one hundred fold.

I've come across a site that should help. is "Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive".

Check it out - and have a happy day!

Back to School...........Already? Seems Like Summer Has Just Started!

I can remember when school didn't start until after Labor Day............ah well. Around here, New Prairie School Corporation starts on Wednesday August 13th. La Porte School Corporation starts the week after that.

Now is the time to start getting your students accustomed to rising earlier than they have this past summer. Start setting their alarm clocks 1 hour earlier each day until they reach the time that they need to wake up to get ready for school.

Go through their closet and make a list of clothing that you need to purchase. Stick to the list at the store - you will save money.

Make sure you have a list of all the necessary items they will need for the school year - the Staples in our area has a kiosk when you walk in with lists from various local schools.

Plan lunch items with your children if they will be carrying a lunch. Grocery shop with a list for those items - and again, stick to the list.

Have your children lay out their clothing the night before - get in the habit of doi…

Cleaning Products that Cut the Clutter ...and Are Good for the Environment

I absolutely love my Shaklee cleaning products - here's why - I have only three bottles of cleaning supplies to clean my whole house. I have my Basic H which I use to clean windows, floors, toilet - you name it. I have my Germ off disinfecting wipes to well, disinfect and then I have my Basic H wipes - which are biodegradable.

I also love the fact that they are good for the environment - I don't feel like i'm polluting when i'm cleaning.

The laundry products are wonderful as well. Great scent and I'm not polluting.

If you are interested in seeing Shaklee's full line you can go to