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The Value of Hiring An Organizer

I have been slowly clearing out my mother's house.  Through this process I realized my own value as an organizer.  I also began to really realize how my client's feel when they reach out to me for help.

I get hired because a client is overwhelmed and in need of advice, a plan and accountability. 
During my last clearing out session:
I lost my focus.
I was overwhelmed.
I had a plan - and then changed a million times.
I thought - I really need someone to stop me, talk through what's going on and get me back on track.   I need an organizer!  My second thought was - you ARE an organizer.  Pull yourself together! I noticed what I was doing and stopped.  I stepped away from the situation.   
I regrouped and:
I found my focus, reduced my overwhelm and put a new plan into place by looking back at what I had accomplished.  I also looked ahead to what I could accomplish in the time I had left.  I also put the situation into perspective - the stuff didn't get int…

All or Nothing? Or Slow and Steady?

Keeping in line with my "theme" for this year's blog posts, I'm going to touch on All or Nothing Day.

The thought that "I have to organize this room in one day" is a trap for many people.  It's often unrealistic.  For example - the room didn't get disorganized and cluttered in one day, so how can you expect to organize it in one day?

The next problem is that a person will charge right in and start de-cluttering and sorting.  They run out of steam.  This is completely normal but that person may see it as a failure.  Then the organizing process just stops.

What I want to share with you is this - organizing is not an all or nothing event.  Organizing is a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race type of thing.  So - how is the slow and steady method accomplished?  Let me give you some tips.

1.   Schedule time in your calendar to work.

2.   Make sure you have little or no interruptions.

3.   Don't try to do it all in one day - this rarely happens.

4.   Make s…