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Copy the Contents of Your Wallet

Ladies (and gentlemen) - if you ever have your purse or wallet stolen (which I hope never happens to any of you,) I have a suggestion to make contacting your financial and other institutions easily:

Copy the cards that you have in your wallet.  Place them on your copy machine, copy the fronts and the backs.

Place the copies in a safe place.

If you do not have a copy machine at home and are doing this in a public place, please make sure that you leave with all of your cards.

Place this task in your to-do list on a yearly basis to update the copies for any changes or additions in cards.

We Are Not Playing Games.......Organizing Games and Toys

Guest blogger and domestic engineer Audra Fettinger shares how she doesn't play games when it come to organizing board games..............  Here are some simple solutions to end the battle with game pieces, messy art supplies and puzzles. Ya know, the ones with 500 pieces that make you cringe as they are flung across the floor? This is how won the game against Milton Bradley and Crayola.

Designate an area in your house that is for games and toys that require supervision from an adult.

First, discard toys that are no longer played with or missing too many pieces.

Then measure each game and purchase (or reuse) plastic containers for storage.

Cut off the front of the box and place it in the new container with all the supplies. This helps the non-reader know what game goes where.


Ditch the cardboard box. It’s just not worth the hassle. But remember to keep the directions.

Also, think vertical space. Small games and puzzles can go in Ziplock bags and be hung with pant…

Get Out ..............of Your Office with these Tips!

Tips to Organize Your Office and Your Workday

“Plan the work and work the plan,” is a phrase I have heard many times. Do you wonder what you will do today or do you work the plan? If your office is in chaos you might be wondering how to fix it. Boy do I have some solutions for you!

First let me reiterate a quote from Peter Walsh, “physical clutter equals mental clutter.” When your eyes and mind are being bombarded with visual clutter it clouds your mind and judgment. It may make you feel uneasy and unable to focus. So I’m going to let you in on some simple tips to get you started organizing your office and workday!

1.   Reduce the visual clutter. Grab a trash bag and a box. Anything that is obviously garbage or recycling goes in either the bag or box.

2.   Set goals. What do you want out of life? Out of your business? Out of your week or day? If you take a trip and don’t have a map and a plan to get where you are going, how will you know when you have arrived?

3.   Separate your …

Purse Perfector Special - You Won't Want to Miss it!

Celebrate Friendship!

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