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The Day After Christmas......Will You Be Boxed In?

What do you do with all the boxes? The day after Christmas you will find yourself walking around your home looking at all the boxes that the electronics came in and you know you probably should keep them. But how? Collapse the boxes that need to be kept and tape the receipt and warranty info inside the box. Keep the boxes together in a space like the basement or closet. After the warranty runs out - remove the receipt and recycle the boxes - make sure you calendar that date. Most electronics warranties run about 90 days. So come March 25th you can have some extra room when you recyle those boxes!

St. Joseph Catholic Church Mom's Group

I had the pleasure of speaking to a mom's group today in South Bend. I had a blast! What a great group of women - and the cutest children ever! I want to share two of the links that I shared with the ladies.

1. They make coffee table books out of children's artwork. How fun is that?

2. "This program shows how to create in a family, “an atmosphere of love, compassion, trust and mutual respect and still get out of the house on time (along with other daily challenges every parent faces.) It’s about much more than fixing bad behavior. It’s about helping you prepare your kids for life on the other side of mom & dad’s threshold. "