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Remember Everything

I'm a wife, Certified Professional Organizer, daughter, friend, business woman, aunt, Evernote Certified Consultant and speaker. These are just a few of my titles. I bet you have lots of titles, too.
Along with these titles come paper, appointments, mementos, reminders, schedules, meetings, lists and dreams. IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER IT ALL, right? It totally does not have to be.
I invite you to learn about and implement Evernote into your life.

As an Evernote Certified Consultant, I can show you how Evernote can help you remember everything. And as busy, successful woman - I can tell you that it has added so much value to my life and greatly reduced my stress.
In Everything About Evernote, you are going to learn:
✔️How to capture and organize photos, video & audio of items that you want to keep (the memory of, but not the actual item).✔️How to use Evernote to capture your memories so that you can share them with your friends and family.✔️How to create reminders.
✔️How to…