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The Conversation NO ONE Wants to Have

Are your affairs in order? (Ugh.) So it's not a fun topic, but it is necessary.
In specific, is your paperwork in order. (Eeee gads.) Yep, paperwork. The important stuff such as but not limited to:

Will Living Will Durable Power of Attorney
Internet passwords *Banking *Social Media
If you run/own your own business - does your partner or assistant know where the important documents are kept? Is there a plan in place if you were to pass away?
What are your final wishes?
What legacy do you want to leave? Are your photographs marked, organized?

Are there specific items you wish to pass along to a friend or family member? Is there a way to let that person know the story behind the item?
Who will take care of your pets? Will they receive financial resources to cover food, shelter, veterinarian bills?
Where is your safe deposit key? Does anyone else know where it is?
By now you may have beads of sweat appearing on your forehead. I know it is a very heavy topic and I've given …