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Another Purse Makeover Courtesy of Purse Perfector

Above you will see the contents of the "before" purse.  This purse was clearly too small for the contents.  It was difficult for my client to not only find anything but also to retrieve it with her arthritis.  So, we emptied the purse, sorted items into "like" categories and then filled the Purse Perfector with the organized contents.

Above you will see the new "after" purse.  Inside is the Black with Berry Purse Perfector.  Pretty snazzy, right?  Now this woman has a stylish purse and the contents are easy to find and easy to retrieve. 
Learn more about all of the benefits a Purse Perfector can bring to your life:

Relying on a 4 Leaf Clover and Pot of Gold for Luck? Make Your Own Luck!

Pick up or download The Luck Factor.  This book promises to, "offer "a scientifically proven way to understand, control, and increase your luck."   And who doesn't want to increase your luck.

I also believe that when you surround yourself with positive people and think positive thoughts your "luck" improves.  It's all about the company you keep (do they lift you up or drag you down) as well as your thoughts (do they lift you up or drag you down).

I suppose you can think your way to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..............I say let's try!

I have the FEVER!

Spring fever!  Well, I had it at least.  (Sunday was close to 50 - today temperatures are dropping and we are expecting snow.)  This past Sunday.  I was a woman possessed.  Purging items I no longer wanted, used or needed. 

For instance, I got this snazzy new water bottle at the Expo for Women at the Century Center from Memorial Sleep Disorder Center booth (thanks!)  So I used the one-in-one out rule.  Or in this case the one- in-two-out rule.

In the photo below you will see my cabinet "before" the removal of two plastic water bottles.

The photo below you will see the cabinet "after" the removal of the two water bottles.  (exciting stuff, isn't it?)

Notice how everything just fits better?  I love this rule and use it all the time.  I am always in a state of one-in- one-out and that keeps a good balance in my household.  Whether it be purses, blankets, towels, dishes.

Below are the two water bottles that I bid "adieu" to:

They didn't hold that much…

Trendy Trade

In keeping in line with my last post about clothing, I want to tell you about a great event that I attended this past Sunday. 

My friend Jamie held her inaugural Trendy Trade on February 27th at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe in South Bend. 

This was a great girls get together!  I brought 7 items of clothing that no longer fit me, looked attractive on me or that I just did not want any longer.  I brought back 2 great items (which I think is a great ratio) - if you are a Facebook user you can see them here .

I invited Deb Handrich to join me at the Trendy Trade swap party - Deb is a stylist and she was giving great advice to everyone about the styles that would flatter their figures.  I found out that I am an inverted triangle - meaning I'm bulkier on top than I am on the bottom.  Has this changed the way I am going to dress?  You bet!

If you live in the area, info. for the next Trendy Trade is:

Sunday, March 13 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm

South Bend Chocolate Cafe
122 S. Michigan Street