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I Want You To Meet My New Friend

Isn't she gorgeous?  She is my brand new organizing bag.

I got her from L.L. Bean last week after ditching my trusty backpack.  Why?  The backpack was okay but it was not GREAT.   It was too deep and everything that was not in a container of it's own fell right to the bottom.  This "bean bag" has the potential to be great.
This bag is actually mean for packing toiletries when traveling.  I re-purposed it.

I am still in the process of tweaking my new bag.  Right now I have all of my small parts (paper clips, tape, rubber bands) in my roll up bag.   I may be ditching the roll up bag in favor of the small pockets that my new bag contains.  Also, this bag is designed to hang on a hook.  Inside the bag is an over the door hanger that I purchased that should fit the bill.

I will report on further developments on  my new bag.

What Is Holding You Back?

The beginning of this year, I did some re-evaluating regarding my business.  I took some time to think about where my time and money were being spent and what kind of return I was receiving. 

After re-evaluating, this is what I did:

I eliminated extra web pages on my website that were taking extra time to maintain and were unnecessary.I switched from using Constant Contact to using Mail Chimp for my newsletters.  (Mail Chimp is a free service and has most of the same functionality as Constant Contact.)Instead of offering a monthly newsletter, I now offer a quarterly newsletter.I eliminated one business networking group from my schedule.  This freed up my time (it was a weekly meeting) and my money (it was a huge investment.)  Also, it was not a good fit for me as this group did not represent my target market. I joined two business women networking groups who I really connect with and who understand me and what I offer.
Here is what happened after I implemented these changes:

Since I do…