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You Know How You Get Really Excited About Something

And then you have to wait.....

Well, Jim and I were interviewed yesterday by WNDU's Tricia Sloma about the Hoarders show (which, coincidentally aired again last night). The segment will not be aired until next week. I will try and give everyone a heads up before it airs.

During our interview, I gave some organizing tips that anyone can use and run with. Jim talked about his experience on the show and what has happened since Hoarders first aired. Then we began working in his office and the cameraman filmed that.

Yesterday, Jim donated 5 boxes of clothes and one set of golf clubs to Goodwill and tossed one box of garbage.

Jim is doing so well clearing the clutter and getting organized because of one very important thing. He has a specific goal for his home and his life. He wants his granddaughter to be able to come and visit. Since the show aired his granddaughter has visited many times.

My advice to anyone beginning an organizing project is this - have a specific goal for the space. On…

Hoarders Follow Up On WNDU Monday

Out of the blue this past Wednesday my client Jim called to ask if I could arrive to our organizing session at his home a half hour earlier than normal- because WNDU would be interviewing him about being on Hoarders. Jim wants them to talk to me as well because as he put it, "Wendy's been a big part of this." What a guy!

Jim has been doing a fantastic job. Just last week, we filed seven boxes of paper and Jim recycled two large boxes of paper and one bag of garbage. Next on our agenda is purchasing another four drawer filing cabinet, clearing out the closet, moving the gun safe into the closet and the new filing cabinet will live where the gun safe used to reside.

Before all of that can happen, however, I've got to figure out one thing --- what am I going to wear?

5 Tips for An Organized Marriage

Starting a new life together is a wonderful thing. Starting a new life together organized is an even better thing!

Life happens - jobs relocate, parents get sick or need more of our attention, babies are welcomed into the family. Whatever happens - you need to be as prepared as possible. When your home is organized - you are ready to tackle any challenge.

Newly married couples have an advantage over most clients I work with......they have a blank canvas to work with. A new, fresh home. The opportunity to designate where their "stuff" will live. The opportunity to maximize space and efficiency.

Some tips to get started........

Don't have multiples.............toasters, blenders, etc. Return what you can and donate the rest.
Talk about each room and what each of you want out of it - will it be an office/family room?
Decide how you want to live in your home.
What level of clutter is acceptable?
What will your individual duties be? Who will wash the dishes, who will take out the t…

An "After" Closet

I used the Container Store's Clear Vinyl 24-Pocket Overdoor Shoe Bag for this project. I have stored hats, and gloves in the pockets as well as those annoying plastic grocery bags that seem to multiply as soon as you shut the closet door. The bags take up the bottom two rows of the shoe bag. That is the limit. Otherwise, they get out of control very quickly.The top shelf of the closet holds the "green" grocery bags.The bottom of the closet holds various cleaning gadgets - swiffer, ceiling fan duster, etc.

Stop Digging In Your Junk Drawer - Find What You Need NOW!

Show that junk drawer who's the boss!

Empty the drawer onto a flat surfaceDecide what to keep and what to toss and what to moveBuy a drawer organizer your new non-junk drawerArrange it so that the items that are used regularly are right up front.Celebrate with a candy bar!