5 Tips for An Organized Marriage

Starting a new life together is a wonderful thing. Starting a new life together organized is an even better thing!

Life happens - jobs relocate, parents get sick or need more of our attention, babies are welcomed into the family. Whatever happens - you need to be as prepared as possible. When your home is organized - you are ready to tackle any challenge.

Newly married couples have an advantage over most clients I work with......they have a blank canvas to work with. A new, fresh home. The opportunity to designate where their "stuff" will live. The opportunity to maximize space and efficiency.

Some tips to get started........

  1. Don't have multiples.............toasters, blenders, etc. Return what you can and donate the rest.

  2. Talk about each room and what each of you want out of it - will it be an office/family room?

  3. Decide how you want to live in your home.

  4. What level of clutter is acceptable?

  5. What will your individual duties be? Who will wash the dishes, who will take out the trash, who will do laundry?

Discussing these issues now will save you time and arguments later.

What I offer to my newly married clients is to come into their new home and designate where everything will "go" to maximize the homes efficiency and to maximize space. Call today for special pricing. 219-575-3821 or email me at wendy@putclutterinitsplace.com


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