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Re-Purposing Your Unwanted Stuff

Last Saturday I was hanging out at the European Market in Chesterton.   Actually, I was really working - if you can call it work.  I had a wonderful time at the Qi Balance booth promoting my upcoming workshop with Kathy Hanson of Qi Balance.

I had the opportunity to cruise around the booths at the market and found many new resources for my home clean out jobs.   I have to share just a few with you.

Woods Edge Jewelry Studio creates jewelry from silverware.   Nancy Harrington, the owner is now on my resource list.  

Below is an example of her work.  This is a pendant made from silverware.

Another vendor, Barnyard Primitives 219-926-8538 creates birdhouses, garden chairs, wall art, etc. out of odds and ends they find at yard sales.  They are definitely on my resource list.
And my favorite vendor was Plates 'n Such 219-864-1903.  The owner, Wendy Baker, re purposes vintage & holiday plates to create fountains, flower plates, you name it.  
Below is a creation that I purchased....…

September 13th Balanced Home/Balanced Health Workshop in Chesterton

I am super excited to present this workshop with Kathy Hanson of Qi Balance!

Register today  space is limited and you won't want to miss out!

When:  Thursday, September 13th from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Where:  Indian Oak Best Western, 558 Indian Boundary Rd, Chesterton, Indiana

Join us for this transformational workshop to learn how to clear the clutter from your home and also your body, mind, and spirit. Join professional organizer Wendy Taddeucci and Qigong Master Healer Kathy Hanson as they share their insights on how to let go of old habits and make a fresh start for both your home and your health.

Wendy will walk you through the de-cluttering and organizing process for your home taking you step by step through getting started, moving past procrastination and sorting piles of paper. Kathy will teach you about your body's energetic system and how you can use simple techniques and exercises to clear blocked energy to restore balance and good health.

Register Here -
or call…

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere, How Is One To Think?

By Nancy Hoback LCSW
Thank you to Nancy Hoback for guest blogging this month.  You can contact Nancy at  (219) 369-4870

            We've all seen the sign, “a cluttered desk is the sign of a creative mind.”.  Well, some people do thrive in clutter.    They cannot imagine living a life that involves not having to search for their keys, their phone, or five other things before heading out the door.  But these actives take a lot of energy, both mentally and physically.  And it is always a juggling act. 
            Often people who thrive in the clutter for a time, will, over time, find that they become overwhelmed by the frequent adrenaline-pumped games of hide and seek.  It's not uncommon for the chaos to eventually overwhelm, and for anxiety or depression to ensue. 
            As a clinical social worker, I have seen clients who have had panic attacks because of their clutter.  It takes over, consumes them, and rules …