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Tips to Keep You (Somewhat) Sane Over the Holidays

I am in the midst of preparing a 10 minute speech for Wednesday about organizing for the holidays.  I will be speaking to the Business Women United - Chesterton Alliance.

I thought I would post the tips here so that everyone can benefit.  Or mock them.  Whichever.

1.   Store all of your gifts in one place.  Along with those gifts, keep your gift wrap and accessories.
That way, everything will be together.  Easier to wrap and no gift will be forgotten.

2.   Holiday products and bundles.
They are so attractive, right?  Everyone from Dove bath products to Dove chocolate has a "special" holiday package full of extras.  This is great if you actually use the product.  If you do not and are enticed by the beautiful packaging, you may end up regretting that purchase and it will probably turn in to clutter.  It is not a bargain if you don't already use and love it.

3.   Decide as a family what special holiday activities you will be participating in.
You cannot be 5 places at one time…

Point Taken!

This holiday season, use your credit card points to purchase gift cards for those on your gift list.  You have the points, now use them!  It may make purchasing gifts just a little less painful.

The other benefit of purchasing gift cards?  You are giving a clutter free gift.  Plus, you don't have to wrap anything.  Simply place the gift card into a Christmas card, sign your name and you are done. 

Some ideas for clutter free gift cards:
Gas card
Restaurant card
Itunes (my personal gift of choice!)

Now, go check your points balance with your credit cards and get those gift cards ordered.  Christmas will be here before you know it!

De-clutter & Deck the Halls

Okay, I will admit it.   I have begun decorating for Christmas.  I could not help myself.

In the process of taking the decorations from storage, I decided to let some of them go.  Here is my criteria for what went:

1.  I no longer liked it. 
Our tastes change over the months and  years.

2.  It was a gift from someone and I never liked it.
It really is the thought that counts.......enough said.

3.  I no longer wanted to store it, maintain it or go all out decorating.
You only have the space you have.  I am not willing to take up as much room storing my Christmas items as I have in the past.   I used to really go all out and decorate to the point where it looked like Christmas threw up in our home.  At this point, I just don't have the time or quite honestly the energy to go all out.  Simple is so much better!

I will be taking my un-wanted decorations to Goodwill.  Which is perfect timing for them since they can sell Christmas decorations now instead of storing them for next year.