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March 30th is I Am In Control Day

So - are you?  In control?  I know I don't feel like I am always in control - all the time.  Sure I plan and I prepare but life is unpredictable.  That's what makes it interesting.  Some days are more interesting than others of course.

The question is - do you feel like your life is more out of control thanin control?  As a coach this would be a topic I would LOVE to coach around.  

Let's start with another question.  Where do you feel in control?  You want to go with your strengths and, as the old saying goes, "it ain't broke don't fix it."   You want to go with what works.  For example, do you have a system in place that works for you?  That system could be as simple as having a hamper in the exact spot that your laundry tends to land.  

Next question.  Where or when do you feel out of control?  Make a list.  Is it a certain time of day when your energy is draining?  Perhaps plan on working on tasks that do not require much energy or brain power during tha…