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OLD 2 Gold coming June 26, 2010

The University of Notre Dame's End Of Year Yard Sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the local charities that participate-The Center for History being one of them

Be sure to go with a list of what you need - so you don't come home with something you NEVER intended to buy!

Ring Ring!'s the produce section.

Yesterday hubby and I went grocery shopping. A woman ahead of us in the produce section was shopping and having a friendly conversation on her cell phone. Throughout the store we kept intersecting with her. She was on the phone the whole time - and shopping! I was really curious about whether she got everything on her list - which she didn't have - or if when she got home she would realize that she forgot an item or maybe bought something she really didn't want or need. Or maybe she is some shopping/phone talking hybrid that can shop and talk at the same time. I am not a hybrid. I need total concentration when I grocery shop........otherwise products that I would never buy jump into my cart.....and then I seem to forget that one item that I really needed, like toilet paper. (let's face it, we just can' get along without it)

So I want to know if you have ever shopped and talked at the same time? How did it go? Forget anything? Do or say anything embarrassing? …

Flinging Photos

Not terribly exciting, but in one shot you will see the capri's that gave me a hassle to stay in the closet.

I flung (a.k.a. donated) two bags of clothing, two decorative Christmas votive holders, a planner and an alarm clock. What have you flung today?

Flinging For Spring - and I Got Held Up By A Pair Of Capri Pants

Yep. I was going along so well with my flinging. Until I saw the wool capri pants - that I have not worn in at least a year. Are they in style? Are they out of style? They looked so cute the last time I wore them with my black 3/4 sleeve sweater and black embelleshed boots!

So, I used a method that I use with my clients when they are stuck on an item. It's called the "downward arrow" and I learned this method when I read Buried in Treasures by Dr. David Tolin. It goes something like this - let's pretend that I am working with a client who wants to donate her super cute wool capri pants but is stuck...

Me: What's the worst that could happen if you donate those capris?

Client: I would decide that I suddenly wanted to wear them and I would not have them.

Me: What's so bad about that?

Client: I might miss them.

Me: What's so bad about that?

Client: Nothing. It's not going to change the world. I would find another pair of pants in my closet that …

The Put Clutter In It's Place System is almost here!

Almost everyone I have ever talked to hates paper. The mail, the magazines, the bills, the papers from your kids school. What do you do with it all?

I have created a system that will teach you how to set up a filing system so that you will know exactly where to put paper when it comes into your home. This is a down loadable system that includes step by step instructions, audio and video to show you exactly how to set up your own filing system. You also get two BONUS items. The first is 30 days of UNLIMITED email access to me - ask me any organizing question AND my free article - Simple Tips to Organize Your Office AND Your Life.

Look for this system coming soon!

Digging Out From Under "Stuff". Simply Organized featured in the South Bend Tribune


Video from the Expo for Women - Kate Gosselin

I attended the Expo for Women yesterday. Had a great time. Befriended three total strangers, talked with some friends, got in free thanks to a very kind stranger with an extra ticket and got to meet Kate Gosselin and get her autograph. The latter I've caught quite a bit of heat over. I have found that there are two types of people. Ones that like Kate Gosselin and ones that hate her. I've found no middle ground here. I've watched "the show" since the very beginning when the very first episode ran way before the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show. I enjoyed the show and when I found out that Kate was going to appear at the expo I thought I would go and at least get a picture of her. So there you go. Hate me or love me for it. It is what it is.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video's I've posted to YouTube-and me putting my foot right into my mouth. What I tried to say was, "I think it's great how you are making lemonade from lemons," and it came out,…

How To Organize a Mess - South Bend Tribune Video - Discover what's in it for you

Organize Your Office With A Paper Towel Holder

Go vertical! Hang two small plate racks on the wall or closet door. Use them as replacements for in boxes on your desk. Sort bills, mail and receipts.

Hang metal cooling racks on the wall to keep note cards where they are easy to access.

Hang a paper towel holder on the wall to store art paper or wrapping paper or ribbon.

Hoarding Takes Over South Bend Man's Life Part II

The Headline should now read - Man Takes Control Over Hoarding - It Is No Longer Controls His Life!

Hoarding Takes Over South Bend Man's Life Part I