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What's for Dinner?

Saving money is a priority. An easy way to cut cost is by planning your meals around weeklycircular ads. Creating a list and planning meals also has an additional benefit. Less trips to the store equals more gas in your tank. Just remember: it's not a bargain if you buy something you'll never use.Here are the five easy steps in preparing a menu without emptying your bank account.1. Draw four columns on a piece of paper. Label the columns; meals, produce, dairy, canned goods, bakery.2. Look at your calendar for the upcoming week. This dinner will need to be quick and easy. If you have a late night at the office or a sports event to attend designate that on your paper. (You can circle, highlight or draw a star next to the day.) 3. Gather your circulars and search for items and brands that you usually purchase.4. Sale items are then written in the appropriate category andplaced in the meal column as well.5. Fill in the blanks for missing menu items and ingredients.Viola, you have…