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That's a Wrap! Bringing the School Year to a Close.

It is the last day of school.  You and your children are dreaming about fun Summer days and not having to rush around in the morning to catch the bus!  The contents of your child's locker and backpack are thrown into the nearest closet to be dealt with later.  There are only two problems with that: 

1)   Do you or your child have any idea what is in the backpack?  I have had friends tell me horror stories of not checking a backpack and finding a half eaten peanut butter sandwich left over from lunch 2 months ago.  Yuck.

2)   You and your child need closure over this school year.

Think about it this way - you prepared for the beginning of school - why not show your child how to end a school year?

Schedule time shortly after school ends.  Sit down with your child and their stuff.  You will also want to have a recycling container, trash container and a box for keeping items from the school year.

Sort through the paperwork together.  This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with…