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I Forgot to Mention My Boot Trick!

I had the opportunity to organize Gabby Gonzalez's closet on WNDU.  Of course, after I got home and started to reflect on how it went I remembered something - my boot trick!  I'll talk about that a little later......

During our 1.5 hours together (yep, that was it) Gabby cleared out two boxes, donated 1 1/2 garbage bags of clothing and scarves and 1 box of assorted items.  We then used same size boxes to store her Halloween and Christmas items.  Same size boxes are key when storing because they are made to be stacked on top of one another.  I also installed a hanging shoe organizer to store her scarves and hats that were previously covering the closet floor.

The suitcases on the top shelf of the closet were used to store a comforter which was previously stored in the bottom of her closet and took up some much needed space.  Also, Gabby said that the suitcases on the top shelf worked for her - so I did not change that.  With my clients, I will change what is not working but I wil…