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Pack It All Up And Take It To The Beach!

When you grab your beachbag, don't forget to toss in your Purse Perfector -fully loaded, of course.

Purse PerfectorThings to load into your Purse Perfector so they don't become a heap on the bottom of your beachbag:


Lip balm



A paperback book

Cell phone



Hair ties

Click here to get your beachbag beach ready in time for the 4th!

What to do this summer? Visit this great local site!

Local events, savings, outdoor fun! Don't be bored this summer - visit

Bagallini vs. Purse Perfector

Is there a wonderful woman in your life battling cancer? A mobile day spa is coming to Indiana.

June 14th through the 23rd of July to help women battling all cancers by performing complimentary, professional makeovers.

Visit for more information.  Or call 574-850-0471 to learn more.

It's Garage Sale Time ...........and the iPhone Has An App. for That!

Visit to find a garage sale in your neighborhood or to advertise your garage sale for free!  Isn't technology a wonderful thing?