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Getting Organized Magazine

Two blog posts in one day is unheard of!  From me, anyway.  I had to make an exception in this case.

I was finally able to sit down and read the Getting Organized Magazine I picked up at the expo at NAPO 2012.  I have to share this with you!

This is a brand new magazine, published by Professional Organizer, Stacey Anderson.  Many of the articles are written by professional organizers.

Just to give you some examples, in the first issue I found the following amazing articles:

Nine Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Should you Keep the Box

Why You Aren't Done Yet

Picture Perfect Office

Apps to Take Your To-Do List to Task

I am so overjoyed with this magazine that as a benefit for purchasing one of my organizing packages, I have included a one year digital subscription.  The more positive, helpful information my clients are exposed to, the better their chances of staying organized.

NAPO 2012 Part II - Sensational Sessions

So we kicked off conference with Ask the Organizer Panel featuring Golden Circle Members.  This is a 10 year conference tradition.  Prior to conference NAPO conference attendees were asked to email questions to the panel.  As organizers, we learn from one another so this was an exciting, standing room only session.

My next session was Golden Circle:  Reconnect/Renew, Revitalize Your Conference which was a three part session designed for NAPO Golden Circle members to have a strategy and accountabilty throughout conference.  Attending this session has allowed me to process what I learned at conference and implement it.

Next session for the first day of conference was Stay Organized in the Cloud - Tech Skills for You and Your Clients.  This was an invaluable session for me.  With many of my clients updating to smart phones, iPads, etc. I need the knowledge to help them stay organized digitally.   The best takeaway that I had from this session was learning about client relationship manageme…

Products...........and More!

I just returned home after spending four information packed, educational days in Baltimore, Maryland at the annual NAPO Conference.  This was my fourth conference and like the rest, I think this was the best.

We will start off with the information side of conference.  A picture is worth a thousand words so enjoy!

Bankers Box has created new, well, boxes.  They now offer boxes for holiday storage, with the clear window in the front for visual appeal.  Also, they offer their traditional Bankers Box with the addition of three smaller boxes that can be placed in the larger box.  You can have three years of tax records organized and labeled into one box.  Genius!
Also from Bankers Box, they now offer these pretty storage boxes.  Think off season storage or long term storage items.

Okay, so this is not a product, but I thought you might get a kick out of it.  My badge from conference.  Which ribbon is your favorite?

Bill Rancic was our opening keynote speaker.  The topic was How to Think Like …

Two Upcoming De-Clutter Opportunities

De-Clutter Your Life Lunch & Learn this Thursday, March 15, 2012 from 11:30-1:00

Bella Photography Studio, 303 Jefferson Street, Valparaiso, IN

Register here.  Pre-registration is required so do not hesitate - register now!

De-Clutter Your Life Workshop

Thursday, April 5, 2012 from 1-4 p.m.

Reins of Life, 55200 Quince Road, South Bend, IN

Register by visiting my website.   Pre-registration is required - and April will be here before you know it - so register now.

De-Clutter Support Group - 4th and Final Week

The topic for the last class was Time Management.  We discussed grouping "like" tasks together to save time such as returning telephone calls, answering emails and errands.  I asked everyone to make a list for one week of all of their activities.  They are to look at that list at the end of the week to weed out the following:  what tasks are my time wasters, what tasks can I delegate, what tasks can I totally eliminate?

We also organized our pursues and one junk drawer.

This being the last group, I provided everyone with a survey and asked them to complete it along with any statements they wanted to share about the group.  Some of the responses were:

"I really liked Wendy's group, it was a great motivational tool.  Just the kick start I needed to get me on the right track!"

"Sometimes you have to pay for sanity."  (She thinks I should have t-shirts made with this slogan - not a bad idea!)

"I learned why my stuff was controlling me, instead of me …