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My Pendaflex-Able Life

I have a new system for my portfolio that I carry to client assessments and to meetings.  The old system worked fine - except that I sometimes had several different papers in the folio and it got a little disorganized.  (I really hate that).  
I was searching Amazon and found the I-Organize system from Pendaflex.  I'm very excited about it!

So far I am loving this system.  It took me maybe 10 minutes to set it up and transfer my papers into it.

I will be ordering at least two more secure file folders.  I'm going to use those the most with my various notes from meetings as well as flyer's for various workshops.

I'm losing the media file.  I've never had to carry a cd or floppy disk around for at least 2 years.    I'm also planning on storing my notepad in the left pocket.  It will stick up just a little but I think I can live with that.  If not - I will figure out another way.

What do you use for a portfolio?   What are you loving about it?

Send a Card to A Friend

February 7th is Send a Card to a Friend Day.  A real card.  In the mail.  Imagine that!  What a wonderful way to keep in touch.

To make it really easy and fun for you to send those cards to your friends I would like to show you how I have organized my greeting cards.
The box that you see below is my greeting card box.  I purchased this from Current many years ago and it has served me well.  I think I paid around $12.00 for it.  They provide you with labels and dividers which work great.  I did add one category to the very back of the box marked Assorted.  In that category I have some extra envelopes and some oddball cards.  For example - an Easter, Halloween and a St. Patrick's Day card.  Now I've never known anyone to send out St. Patrick's Day cards but you never know when I might have the need for one.  I also have a Valentine's Day Card for my husband that I forgot to give him a few years ago - so I'm all set for this year!

Some fun stuff
In the front of the box…