Can you see your future?

I was coaching my client, Carolyn today.   She was stuck in a mindset of only seeing her present circumstances or even worse - the past.  She wasn't seeing her future.  Turns out, she never thought about it.  

I asked her - What it would mean for your life once the paper piles are gone?  What it would mean for your life once the necessary repairs were made to the kitchen and bathroom?  What it would mean for your life once the dread, shame and weight off your shoulders was lifted?  She kept going back to how her home looked right now and the struggles she was faced.  She wasn't seeing her future.  But I was.  Carolyn is so close to having her home decluttered.  But she was still living in the past.

I told her that I had a challenge for her.  I asked Carolyn if she would close her eyes and visualize what her home will look like when it is decluttered, when she can find what she needs and when the overwhelming tension has been lifted from her shoulders.  I heard a deep breath on t…

Freedom, quality time & breathing space

The New Year is giving me permission to let things go that are no longer serving me.  

For instance, I had a stack of notecards of affirmations from a mindset program I went through last year.   They served their purpose, yet they were still sitting on my desk.  I let them go.

Replaying bad memories.  2017 was just one big %*&# show.  The bad memories of 2017 were definitely not serving me.  So I let them go.

Belts!  I had three belts hanging in my closet that I have not worn for years.  They were definitely not serving me.  I let them go.

After I let these items and feelings go, I felt free - like I was unblocked and able to move forward.

What is no longer serving you?  Is it time?  Do you feel like you haven't even a moment to breathe?  Is it freedom?  Are you able to live your life your way?

Do you want to be able to enjoy quality time and not feel rushed?  Do you want to be able to have friends and family over and not have to stash & dash?  Do you want to be able to have the…

A Long Delayed Invitation to Celebrate Christmas

"What does your apartment look like?"  

"When can we see it?"

"How many bedrooms do you have?  Can we stay overnight?"

These are the questions that my client, Carolyn's nephews asked her many times after she moved from her mother's house and into her very own apartment.

Initially, Carolyn wanted to have everything in her new home organized just right before she had family over.  She said that by Christmas she would be ready to invite them.  Christmas of that year came and went.  So did many other Christmases.

Carolyn started off with the best of intentions after moving in, but never set up systems or designated places for her items.   Because of that, over the years, since nothing had a place, there was clutter everywhere.  She felt helpless - and hopeless.

I met Carolyn about 5 years ago when she attended a Clutter Support Group that I organized locally.  After the group ended, we lost touch.  

Carolyn and I reconnected again about 4 months ago when I s…

Attacking the Closet

As I was wrapping up a coaching call with a client, after we had discussed her closet, she said to me, "Let's attack it next call."  My response was, "Of course!"  I love attacking (decluttering) with my coaching clients virtually.

Today I just got through attacking that closet with her and I want to share the results with you...............are you ready for it?  
My client now has 5 bags of clothes donated, a functional closet and dresser.

When I say attacked, I mean it.  We planned out what we would need on hand - bags and a Move box.  Then FaceTime to FaceTime, we attacked.  
As an organizer coach, I provide accountability, patience and tenderness to my clients.  
In the course of 3 hours (one with me and the remaining two on her own) my client had clothes hanging in her closet and folded in her dresser that she loved wearing and that fit her.
By attacking her closet she is saving herself time selecting clothes (no more searching through piles).  She is going to…

I Would Never Hire You

I got to sit down and catch up with a long-time friend this past weekend.  A friend who has always been brutally honest with me.  A friend that I can count on to tell me how she sees it.  Even though at times what she says stings, I appreciate her candor and I appreciate her advice.

So when she asked how my business was doing, I told her straight out.  I said that lately, I had many prospective clients interested in working with me, telling me that they really need me and then......crickets.  It's like they fall off the face of the earth!

Then my friend said this - and I almost fell off my chair.  "I would never hire you - and you know I need you."

Huh?  Makes no sense.  So of course I asked her to expand on that statement.  And she did.  Here's what she said, "I know I can do it myself.  I know that I can clean up and get back on track with out your help."

So why doesn't she do it?  If she knows she can?  

She said she doesn't know.  She does know that …

Caring for Yourself During the Holidays

It's okay not to be okay during the holidays.  

The holidays are not a happy time of year for everyone.  Some look forward to just surviving the holidays and getting past January 1st.

To that end, I've made a list for you.  This list is full of ideas to help you take care of yourself during the holiday season.

Get a good night's sleep.If you don't want to send Christmas cards - don't.Eat healthfully.Exercise.Get outside.Do your nails.If you don't feel like decorating - don't.Take a relaxing bath.Listen to your favorite music.Be honest with your family/friends about how you are feeling.Watch your favorite movies.Avoid Facebook.Buy a bouquet of flowers.Plan a trip.Work on a project you've been wanting to get to.I also know that you are stoic.  You think to yourself, "I'll get through the holidays by going through the motions."  How about this - you need to take care of yourself first.  It is not selfish.  If you don't take care of yourself …
Being stuck is just no fun.  However, you can get some traction when you start making confident choices.

I know this to be true because I got to work with a very special client, Cathy.  Cathy lived alone in an apartment for many years.  She was retired and had a few friends, but none she would ever invite over.  Cathy was stuck - living in the same situation year after year.  She had no one to be accountable to.  She could keep everything she wanted, and then some.  She could be messy.  She could be chaotic and no one would call her on it.  Until one day she called herself on it.  Then she called me.  Cathy had a breakthrough that day and decided that she deserved better.  With Cathy, I used my proven method of decluttering, which is featured in my Jump-Start Your New Year program which kicks off on December 5th.   Cathy began making confident choices and got some major traction.  She is indeed living a better life now, having totally changed her life and relocating to beautiful Bozema…