Are you your own worst enemy?   Learn how to identify and overcome self sabotage during the Ask the Organizer-Coach Q & A Call on Wednesday, March 28th

Self-sabotage.  How does it show up for you? Overthinking?Double booking your calendar?Doubting yourself?Negative self-talk?Procrastinating?Not finishing a project?Worrying?Feeling unworthy?All of the above?
Think back to the last time self-sabotage showed up for you.  What form did it arrive in?  Use the list above for a reference or write one of your own.
Identifying how self-sabotage is showing up for you is the first step in overcoming it.
Often times, negative self talk shows up first.  Only to be followed close behind by self-sabotage.
Our greatest enemy is usually - ourselves.

Being uncomfortable in your own skin often leads to self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage creeps in when we try to control our own destiny......instead of doing the hard work and then letting it evolve naturally.  

Join me on Wednesday, March 28th at 11 a.m. CST.  We are going to dive deep into self-sabotage and learn how to identify and overcome it.

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Change is uncomfortable - but gorgeous at the end.

Change is uncomfortable.  It makes me uneasy.  It's unsettling.  Have you ever felt the same?

Change, for me, was also necessary.  Which is totally contradictory to what I just said, right?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my coach and sharing with her that I was feeling super uncomfortable.  I was somewhat aware that I was changing, but I wasn't giving it my undivided attention.   Carol, my coach, explained to me that I was feeling was completely normal.  And I knew it - but I didn't want to necessarily deal with it.  She asked me to embrace it.  Once I did, I got even more uncomfortable.  It was one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced.  It was difficult for me to make a decision.  Who am I?  Who am I changing into?  Do my old thoughts and ideas match who I am becoming?  How is this change going to change the way I present myself, work with clients, live my life?

You know what? The moment I embraced who I was becoming, is the moment that everything shifted and…

Mastering Your Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Mindset is a funny thing.   When it's strong, you feel like you can tackle anything.  When it's weak, you feel like you have no energy and can't accomplish a thing.

Let me share an example with you.  

Are you wishing that you could declutter your dining room table so that you can share meals as a family, but a little voice is telling you that you can't do it?  Sound familiar?

This was Ellen's wish during last month's call.   She tried in the past, the table got cluttered again and she shut down.

During the call, Ellen identified a new way to deal with her dining room table, when it gets cluttered.  Something she's never tried before.  She changed her mindset.

Are you interested in the steps you can take to make your mindset so strong that not only have you cleared and kept your (fill in the blank) clear, but your family is sharing quality time together - and your relationships have become stronger?  If yes, read on.

Do you:

Want desperately to change the way thing…


A couple of years ago, my husband and I traveled to Italy for a 3 week trip.
On the way to board our plane to return home, we got questioned by the gatekeepers at the airline.  What was your business in Italy?   What did you purchase?  How long were you here?  
When I told the guy 3 weeks, he didn't believe me because we had no checked luggage.  We only had the two carry on's that you see here - along with my purse and a backpack.

"You mean to tell me that you've been in Italy for 3 weeks and this is all the luggage you have?", said the attendant.  Yep.  His next question, "What did you buy?"  2 DVD's and a pair of shoes.  "Your joking, right?"  Nope.  I said that we traveled to Italy to enjoy the experience, not to shop.  Apparently this is not the norm.

So much so that the attendant guy said that people bring empty suitcases with them so that they can fill them with their purchases.   Us doing just the opposite completely confused him.

My hus…

Always have something to look forward to

I've become hooked on the Netflix series - Comedians, In Cars, Getting Coffee.  Jerry Seinfeld (remember him?) is the host and started the show because he wanted to do a talkshow that was different.  So he came up with just what the title says, comedians (Jerry invites comedians he admires and likes) who are in cars (classic cars) and they get coffee (which is like oxygen to me).  So you can see how I was sold on this series.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was Jerry's guest on an episode (remember her?).  As they were talking about life in general, she said that her grandmother told her something she would never forget and she still keeps this in mind every day - Always have something to look forward to.

Always have something to look forward to.
She went on to say that it could be a little thing, or it could be a big thing.  But you'll be happier in life if you have something to look forward to.

And I thought, "Yes!"  

How often are we so caught up in what we have to do (or what…

Can you see your future?

I was coaching my client, Carolyn today.   She was stuck in a mindset of only seeing her present circumstances or even worse - the past.  She wasn't seeing her future.  Turns out, she never thought about it.  

I asked her - What it would mean for your life once the paper piles are gone?  What it would mean for your life once the necessary repairs were made to the kitchen and bathroom?  What it would mean for your life once the dread, shame and weight off your shoulders was lifted?  She kept going back to how her home looked right now and the struggles she was faced.  She wasn't seeing her future.  But I was.  Carolyn is so close to having her home decluttered.  But she was still living in the past.

I told her that I had a challenge for her.  I asked Carolyn if she would close her eyes and visualize what her home will look like when it is decluttered, when she can find what she needs and when the overwhelming tension has been lifted from her shoulders.  I heard a deep breath on t…

Freedom, quality time & breathing space

The New Year is giving me permission to let things go that are no longer serving me.  

For instance, I had a stack of notecards of affirmations from a mindset program I went through last year.   They served their purpose, yet they were still sitting on my desk.  I let them go.

Replaying bad memories.  2017 was just one big %*&# show.  The bad memories of 2017 were definitely not serving me.  So I let them go.

Belts!  I had three belts hanging in my closet that I have not worn for years.  They were definitely not serving me.  I let them go.

After I let these items and feelings go, I felt free - like I was unblocked and able to move forward.

What is no longer serving you?  Is it time?  Do you feel like you haven't even a moment to breathe?  Is it freedom?  Are you able to live your life your way?

Do you want to be able to enjoy quality time and not feel rushed?  Do you want to be able to have friends and family over and not have to stash & dash?  Do you want to be able to have the…