Clarity is a Game-Changer

How many of you are feeling defeated and living in chaos? 

As a professional speaker, I'm going to show your audience how to feel confident, reduce stress and have a more positive outlook.

From my experience, as a Certified Professional Organizer, as well as what I learned from struggling with my own personal obstacles, I will teach your audience the steps to overcome obstacles, walk through planning their day and how to create a system to be put into place while in a free-fall.

One thing you can do right now, to calm the chaos, is to make a list of everything that you do in a day.  Then make a second list of the things you want to do in a day.  Compare the lists.  Adjust accordingly.

I know this to be true because a few years ago, I was living in chaos and uncertainty.   My mother had to move into a retirement community, my business was changing and there was some family drama.  I needed clarity.  So I sat down and made that comparison list.  In those lists, I identified what I could…

Remember Everything

I'm a wife, Certified Professional Organizer, daughter, friend, business woman, aunt, Evernote Certified Consultant and speaker. These are just a few of my titles. I bet you have lots of titles, too.
Along with these titles come paper, appointments, mementos, reminders, schedules, meetings, lists and dreams. IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER IT ALL, right? It totally does not have to be.
I invite you to learn about and implement Evernote into your life.

As an Evernote Certified Consultant, I can show you how Evernote can help you remember everything. And as busy, successful woman - I can tell you that it has added so much value to my life and greatly reduced my stress.
In Everything About Evernote, you are going to learn:
✔️How to capture and organize photos, video & audio of items that you want to keep (the memory of, but not the actual item).✔️How to use Evernote to capture your memories so that you can share them with your friends and family.✔️How to create reminders.
✔️How to…

Confidently Conquer Your Clutter

Hello Friends,
A few months ago, I wrote out some thoughts that help me to continually focus on being confident. This sits front and center of my desk every day. (For a paper hater, that is BIG)

Anyway, it is smack in the center of my desk to remind me to stop playing small, think BIG, be confident, don't hold back and to demand MORE.
What does all this mean? Let me break it down for you. Stop playing small - I was still seeing myself as I was a decade ago. I have gained so much experience and wisdom. I wasn't using what I have learned. I stopped playing small.
Think BIG - For some reason (oh, yeah, confidence) I was thinking I could only speak to small groups in my area. That's now changed to - why can't I speak to a fortune 500 company? No reason I can think of. 
Be confident & don't hold back - believe it or not I have held back my opinions, laughter or a joke because I was afraid of how I would be judged. I'm getting too old for that. If I say it and someone …

What I did after I failed.

I didn't listen to myself.  I was not confident.

These two things happened before I took the stage to speak a few months ago.

My speech was not authentic.  I didn't connect with the audience and I relied on my notes.  At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could have happened.  Now, I'm seeing it as an opportunity.

Sure, for a few days I was running through what a disaster it was, listing out the many ways I had failed.

A Shift

Then I decided to shift my thinking.  I thought about how I had failed - but in a way that would be helpful to me.  I got the problem drilled down to two things.  I didn't listen to myself and I wasn't confident.

What does she mean, she didn't listen to herself, you are probably thinking.  I mean that I didn't take ownership over what I was about to present.  I didn't put myself into the presentation.

I was not confident.  I wanted so badly to give this speech perfectly.  I wanted it so much that I relied on my notes and not…

The Well Dressed Woman Workshop

I've been telling everyone how much value Clothes Mentor Mishawaka has added to my life.  That's why I am SO excited to be partnering with them for this event!  
If you are like me, I’ve been up and down on the scale.  Clothes Mentor allows me to have a “wearable closet” by selling the clothes that no longer fit and then purchasing ones that do.  I often leave paying very little (or nothing) because of what I’ve sold.  It’s a huge value!   
Clothes Mentor also adds value to my life with their personal shopper service.  I cannot dress myself.  Seriously.  My usual outfit is a t-shirt and jeans.  However, since I’ve been expanding my speaking, I’ve needed to up my wardrobe.  Jackie at Clothes Mentor Mishawaka has been a godsend.  She makes me look like a million bucks.   (Ignore all the ribbons in this photo - I went a little nuts.)

And even though I don’t enjoy shopping (I know, gasp!) Jackie makes it fun! 
So during our time together at Clothes Mentor, I’m going to:
Show you how to…

25 Days of 6 Secrets to an Organized Life

For the next 25 days, leading up to the start of my 6 day program (on JUNE 5TH) - 6 Secrets to An Organized Life, I will be sharing a tip a day with you!  REGISTRATION ends Friday at Midnight!

✔️This 6 day email course helps you go from cluttered to organized.
✔️We will officially begin on Monday, June 5th.

Here's what's covered:
✔️Getting Started & Procrastination
Day 1
✔️How to Sort, De-Clutter & Organize Like a Pro
Day 2
Day 3
✔️Organizing Products + Tips
Day 4
✔️Delegating Lesson
Day 5
✔️Secrets to a Joy Filled LifeDay 6BONUSStrategy session with Wendy!  30 minutes over the telephone.
We will identify the following:
✔️What your life will look like once you have "it".
✔️What is standing in your way.
✔️We will identify solutions.
✔️You will have a solid plan and know exactly what to do each and every day to get your "it".  Whether your "it" is an organ…

My Newest Title - Evernote Certified Consultant!

I am so happy to announce that I have completed my training and can add the title of Evernote Certified Consultant to my name!

I've loved Evernote for some time, even having spoken about it at many presentations over the years.

I wanted to learn even more ways to apply it to my life and my client's lives.  And I have.

In my personal life

Evernote helps me in my daily life in many ways:
Lists.  Shopping lists, to-do lists.Searching by keyword for information.  It's so fast!The awesome Web Clipper app that lets me save web pages and websites.By utilizing it along with my digital magazine subscription to upload and save magazine articles.By keeping up-to-date on my family's health.It also syncs seamlessly between my devices, so I always have the most recent information at my fingertips, wherever I am.

For Business

Evernote keeps my business organized and running efficiently in many ways:
I utilize Evernote to keep track of the progress of projects.  I use Penultimate to take note…