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According to Tim Sanders @sanderssays

The average billionaire (is there such a thing as an average billionaire) reads 6 business books a year that solve a clients problem. I am on Amazon ordering books right now - most of which are on the topics of speaking, twitter, and motivation. I do not have any books in my shopping cart that would help my clients - unless they are planning on speaking, tweeting and need motivation. Oh, wait, yes I do motivate - so I'll check that category off the list.

Here's what I need to know from my clients, potential clients and lookie loos - what problem do you have that I can help you solve by reading a book? Come on, don't be shy - email me off the blog or call if you are shy. But hurry! I want to get this Amazon order out today (so, no pressure or anything)..............

A $25,000 Room Makeover!

For a small donation, with all proceeds going to Real Services, you may be the lucky winner!

Visit for more information!

FREE Shred Day for Members Advantage Credit Union Members!

Save the date! Saturday, May 8th from 9 a.m. - noon at the Members Advantage Credit Union located at 3064 Ohio Street in Michigan City they are offering FREE Shredding for all of their members.

Now is the time to de-clutter and organize your paperwork. Once you have completed my simple to use system take all of your shredding to Members Advantage (if you are a member).

How simple is that?

A Recipe for Happy Memories

When you are organizing your photos, take a cue from your recipe file. Sort photos between tabbed dividers and label them. Some categories - vacations, birthdays, pets, weddings. Or designate one box for each category, depending on how many photos you have. Include an index card with details and dates of the photos.