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Guest Blogger - Julie Maddux with Shaklee

Stay tuned!  Later this week, I will be posting a blog from my guest blogger, Julie Maddux.  Julie is a Shaklee consultant who will tell us about health and non-toxic cleaners.  I've been using Shaklee vitamins and cleaning products for the past 10+ years.  I want to pass on Shaklee's wealth of information - and Julie is going to help me do that.  You can visit Julie's website at

It's a Wrap! Christmas wrapping paper, that is!

Check your supply of holiday wrapping paper now for the upcoming Christmas season. 

Do you have:

Wrapping paper
To/From stickers
Tissue paper
Gift bags

If you can designate a space in your home for gift storage and gift wrapping it will make the whole process much easier.  Everything you need will be in one place.  No running around to three different areas of your home to various wrapping supplies.

That, my friends, is a wrap!

Let Me Tell You About My New Deodorant

Catchy title, huh?  I want to share this with you because it has saved me time and could possibly save my health.

At this past springs NAPO Conference I roomed with Kim Pastor of Be Organized.  Well, us girls like to have some girl talk and she told me that she uses deodorant without aluminum for health reasons.  I kept this filed away in my brain for a few months until I used up my deodorant and went to purchase a new one.  I came across this brand: 

 I was skeptical, for sure.  I bought it, used it and have not turned back since.  It not only keeps me dry and odor free, but I'm not putting anything unhealthy on my skin.  Now, I'm coming to the saving time part.  With my old deodorant, come laundry day, I would really have to pre-treat and scrub the dickens out of the armpit area of my shirts because my old deodorant would cake on.  Crystal does not.  I no longer have to pre-treat and scrub my shirts.  HUGE time saver.
So ladies, and gents, if you are concerned with your healt…

Holiday Help Is On The Way! I'll Help You Plan Ahead.

Did you notice the Christmas countdown counter to your right?  I thought you would.  Just a subtle reminder that even though we have recently begun the Fall season, Christmas will be right on it's heels.  So the time to start planning is now.

From now until Friday, October 22nd, I will be sharing a weekly holiday planning tip so that you can start and end the holiday season on a stress free, organized note.

On October 22nd, I will be presenting a Holiday Helper teleclass to get your holiday planned out and organized. 

So, here's my first tip that you can use right now.  Ready?  Take a look at your Christmas card list and make any changes or additions needed.  Were there any births during the past year, moves, or deaths?  Meet any new friends that you want added to the list.  Do it now so that when it comes time to buy Christmas cards and stamps,  you will be all set!

Faith, Trust, Acceptance, Attitude

I've been attending Alzheimer Support group meetings with my mom once a month since my step-dad was diagnosed with the disease.

Last week a remarkable gentleman, Phil, spoke to the group about his diagnosis at an early age (Phil is now 60).   Phil has a positive attitude, keeps stress out of his life as much as possible and is doing all the right things to manage Alzheimer's - or as he refers to it, "Flops."

He also said something that I think everyone needs to be aware of.  People with "Flops," do not dumb down once they are diagnosed.  They are still able to think-it might take them a little extra time to get those thoughts out.

Phil still drives, with the aid of his GPS and still makes trips to the store, which sometimes can be challenging for him.  If he cannot find an item he will ask a sales clerk or associate where the item is and that they lead him to it.  If he gets a strange look, he will explain that he has Alzheimer's and that by the time he…

Is Your High School Student Overwhelmed?

It's All Too Much So Get It Together

Peter Walsh has done it again.  A great book to help your student to:

Today's teens have a lot going on -- from what after-school activities to choose, to what college to go to, to what job to get, the list of things to do and think about is huge. And the amount of junk -- mental and literal -- that accumulates is even bigger.

So what to do with it all? New York Times bestselling author and organizational guru Peter Walsh will give you the steps you need to keep what is necessary, purge what is not, and organize and prioritize everything in between.


• learn how to identify your clutter, whether it be mental, physical, internal, or external

• discover, in four easy steps, how to declutter your space and your life

• apply these skills of identifying and removing clutter to all aspects of your life, including goals, schoolwork, after-school activities, and relationships with family and friends

• encounter tons of fun and…

Question: I'm Totally Overwhelmed! I Don't Know Where or How to Start De-cluttering!?

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