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Make Your Dreams Come True Day

January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day.  What dream do you want to come true today....this month....this year?

More time, a less cluttered environment, a dream vacation?

Have you considered creating a vision board?  I have had a vision board now for 6 years.  I read about vision boards in Jack Canfield's book The Success Principles.  I heard Jack Canfield speak at my first NAPO conference back in 2007 in Minneapolis, MN.  To say he was compelling is to put it mildly.

During that conference I also got to see Sarah Jessica Parker who happened to be promoting her new perfume line just down the street.  So just for the record - professional organizers are not just all work and no fun~!

Anyway, back to the vision board idea.  If the mind visualizes something enough it will eventually come to fruition.......or something along those lines was the jist of the vision board idea.  So I had a perfectly lovely board covered with beautiful fabric and ribbon which was completely empty…