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Clear that Kitchen Table Clutter

A client of mine very graciously agreed to let me photograph the before and after of her kitchen table organization. I want to take you through step by step:

Step One: Sort items into like categories. I sorted the items into the following categories: coins, cables, receipts, candy and paper.


Step Two: Move items to their homes. For example - coins go into the coin dish, candy into the cupboard and paper is filed or discarded if it is no longer relevant.
Step Three: Enjoy your clear kitchen table!


Maintenance is key to keeping the table clear. At the end of each day, make sure that if something is on the table, it is put away.
Total time for this organizing project - 15 minutes. Total time per day to maintain this table - less than 2 minutes.
Planning the work - working the plan....products are being developed and will be posted on my website very soon!
Sears Tower now called Willis Tower
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My life and my client's lives currently revolve around paper. Anyone have a closet that needs to be organized? Or a bathroom...........or a kitchen? I'm not picky.

Are you organized? Find out in less than 5 minutes!
Is your summer organized?

What I mean by that is – have you made a list of everything you want to do and everywhere you want to go? Summer will be over before you know it, kids will be back in school and you’ll be thinking, “I was going to do ___.”

Make a list, prioritize your trips and to-do’s, schedule them and enjoy!
This is the first 4th of July in 13 years that I am looking forward to! Dancing with Jazzercise in La Porte's 4th of July Parade. 13 years ago on the 4th I was in LaPorte Hospital with a burst appendix!
Michiana Brides to Be: Do you know where to place items in your kitchen for maximum efficiency? I can help. Click "Specialty" and scroll down.