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New Year ~ New You

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2015 is your best year yet!

What will you do differently this year than last year?  Are you making any changes?  I recently read that it takes an average of 21 days to change behavior.  So if the changes you are making don't happen right away - give yourself some time.

So what do you want out of 2015?  Have some fun planning!  Create a vision board from photos of magazines, create a list on Evernote or create a list and leave it hanging on the refrigerator.  

Think big!  2015 is going to be your year!

Stress Free Holiday Gift Giving

I've been thinking about gift giving during the holiday season.  The craziness that happens.  The overspending, stressing out about getting the right gift, being time crunched and hating driving to the mall and fighting traffic - in the street and in the mall.

I have a suggestion.  It does not involve the mall, traffic, overspending, time or stress.  It also makes you feel good.

Have you ever thought about giving to a charity in your loved one's name?    It's so easy.  Ask what their favorite charity is and then visit that charity's website, click donate and you are done.    No mall, no traffic, no overspending.  Plus you are really demonstrating the Christmas spirit.   Plus (and I really like this one) you are not contributing to your loved one's clutter!

Happy holidays to you!