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Aging is a Gift - Celebrate Senior Citizen Day on August 21st

Senior Citizen Day is August 21st.  A day we honor seniors.  Seems fitting - after all, if we are lucky we will all get to be senior citizens.

It is suggested that on the 21st we volunteer to spend some time with seniors.  You could volunteer to teach them how to use Facebook to keep in touch with their families.  You could just visit with them.

With my mom living in an independent apartment I get to talk to seniors on a weekly basis.  It is a treat.  I learn so much - from their experiences.

At my mom's independent apartment facility there is a volunteer that comes in every two weeks - to do the resident's nails.  How lucky she is to get to spend a great deal of time with the them.  I think she benefits from her volunteering time more than they do.

A Sparkly Fresh Start

A sparkly fresh start.  That's what I want for all of my clients.  Picture a cool spring morning.  The dew is sparkling off of the blades of grass.  The earth smells fresh.  It's a new day.

That sparkly fresh start is why I created the De-Clutter Your Life Group.    This group is a six week journey to:

Find out what's holding you back.
Learn how to start the de-cluttering and organizing process.
Find out your goals.
Learn to delegate duties that you do not need to be doing so that you can live the life of your dreams.
Learn how to get un-stuck.
Learn how to de-clutter and organize your closet to make getting out the door and enjoying life well, enjoyable!
Learn how to maintain your de-cluttered and organized space.

Below is the schedule - but don't worry - if you cannot make a call you will still get the handouts and a recording of the call.

Each call is 90 minutes in length through Wendy's tele class line.  Each call starts at 6 p.m. Central Time, 7 p.m. Eastern Ti…