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Bagalinni vs. Purse Perfector

At NAPO's national conference last month in Columbus, Ohio I discovered the Purse Perfector.  I was very impressed with it's design, durability and the fact that it is made in the United States and that it is packaged by the Easter Seals people. 

I've included a video about the Purse Perfector and how I switched between my Baggallini Women's City Bagg, Espresso
to my Purse Perfector.  Click here to see it on YouTube

Steller Accessories, dba Purse Perfector

Where are you spending your time?

Keeping a time log is a great way to see where all of your time thieves are stealing away your precious time.  For a day - or a week, even better, write down every activity and what time you start and stop.  At the end of the day or week, sort your activities into categories such as - household, reading, kids, husband, school, etc.  You might be shocked as to what is taking the most of your time.  Then decide if some tasks can be delegated or totally removed.

What's Under YOUR bed?

Nothing?  Great!  Make the most of that empty space.

Do you have an old dresser or dresser drawers lying around?  Install casters on each corner of the drawer, purchase a piece of heavy plastic from your hardware store that is a little wider than the top of the drawer, secure the plastic on the two back corners and middle of the drawer with small nails or a staple gun.  Make sure that you will be able to turn back the plastic enough to place or retrieve items from the drawer.

What can you store in the drawer?  (Look at that, I rhymed!)




Buy 7 Organizing Hours Get 3 free ends June 1st

All good things must come to an end. I started offering this value package a few months ago intending it to only last one month - after nearly 5 months I am taking this offer off the market. Don't miss out! Email me at or call 219-575-3821 to book your package. This is a $180.00 value!

Don't fret - I have lots of exciting value packages coming soon. Not only will you get organizing hours with these packages but you will get credits to use toward organizing products so that you won't have to go shopping, free tickets to my upcoming teleclassess which I am developing right now, coordination with local donation charities so that you won't have the hassle, coordination and credit with a local paper destruction company so that you won't have to shred all of your personal documents and much more!

If you live outside the Michiana Area, I can still work my organizing magic - through virtual organizing. What this will mean is that you will…