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De-Clutter Support Group - Week 3 - Completing Projects

Week three we discussed completing projects.  We talked about some of the reasons we let projects go unfinished - such as too many other projects going at the same time and not having a clear completion point.

All of the attendees were asked to make a list of all of the projects they have ongoing.  I asked them to look at the list to determine if the projects were still relevant and if they wanted to complete them.  I advised that if they no longer wanted to complete a project because their interests changed, that was okay.  It just means that they are making room for a project that is important to them.

We then talked about prioritizing projects and to break down the small tasks that need to be accomplished to complete the project.

De-Clutter Support Group - Week 2

During week 2 our topic was The Psychology Behind Clutter and Changing Behavior. We discussed the fact that it's not just about the "stuff." During the course of our lives, we have experiences - bad and good. Those experiences shape us. For some, it could be that their room was messy as a child and their parents "cleaned up" for them. In doing so, they lost their most precious stuff and felt like they had no control over the situation. When they became an adult and began living in their own homes, they acquired and never let anything go.
Or someone has suffered a loss - that loss could have been of a parent, spouse, child or of a job or even a dream. To fill the emptiness that loss has left behind, some turn to acquiring to fill the void.

I had all of the attendees take quizzes. One was Are You Situationally Disorganized. The other was Are You Chronically Disorganized. What I told the attendees was once you know which you are, you can acknowledge th…

Week 1 - De-Clutter Support Group

We began our meeting with an icebreaker.  Each attendee was given a blank piece of paper and with their eyes closed, I read instructions.  After all of the instructions were read and each piece of paper was held up - no two came out alike.  The point I was making is that each of us sees and hears things differently.  That is okay.  Everyone's organizing style is different.

After the icebreaker, we each took turns telling our story.  There were tears, laughter and many of us shared similar stories. 

After the introductions we discussed the topics for the first group which were getting started and procrastination.  These two topics were very interesting to my 6 attendees.  We discussed how to get started, scheduling, organizing, getting stuck, organizing products and finally procrastination.

Finally, each attendee was paired up with a de-clutter buddy, contact information was exchanged and they were to contact each other during the week to discuss the homework.  Their homework was…