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Horrified to Toss Your Holiday Cards?

Consider scanning them into your computer. With programs like Picasa from Google, you can organize your cards into year or person. Then you can use the cards as a screen saver throughout the year!

Once you have scanned your cards, consider donating them to your local retirement community. They are always looking for craft projects and this is a great one. There is a local retirement home in my town that takes cards and the residents recycle them to use as post cards. There is one resident that makes holiday houses out of the cards - so amazing!

Lights, Camera, Hoarders on A & E!

Did you catch Monday's episode of Hoarders? I can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone that I had the pleasure of assisting Geralin Thomas filming this episode which aired on A & E on January 4, 2010. It was very exciting first of all to meet Geralin and work with her. It was also exciting (and at times unnerving) to work with the production company and cameramen.

The client, Jim, who as Geralin says is a, "honey of a guy," was nominated for the show by his daughter's friend. His daughter, who recently had a baby, desperately wanted to be able to bring her daughter to grandpa's house. However, because of the unsafe condition of Jim's home (mold, rodent and dust and clutter issues) was unable to. Jim's home was a level 3 on the Clutter Hoarding Scale (1 being minimal clutter all the way to 5 being structural damage to the home, no running water or heat).

In 16 hours, Geralin, myself and Carrie Fink organized Jim's home. It was the tou…

Are You Zoned Out in the Kitchen?

Did you know that to save steps and time in the kitchen, you should organize your kitchen into zones? For example, you would want to store your baking tools as close to your oven as possible. Items such as your baking pans, baking soda and the like should be within reach of your oven.

Zones that every kitchen should have:
1. Baking
2. Cooking
3. Food Prep
4. Serving

Once you organize your kitchen according to these zones, you will save yourself time by taking fewer steps in the kitchen, you will save money by having like items stored together and you will save yourself stress because you will know where everything is - no more scattered kitchen stuff!