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The New Carlisle De-Clutter Your Life Workshop Was a Success!

What a beautiful morning we had at Bruno's in New Carlisle!  For three hours, attendees learned about de-cluttering, how to get the process started, how to stop junk mail (along with a very entertaining story), how easily tackle the pile of papers on the top of their desks.  They also enjoyed a demonstration dealing with time management and stress.
This workshop was just a little different - we had one gentleman in attendance.  So fella's - don't be afraid to get help with your clutter.   "Real men de-clutter!"  I like that quote, don't you?

Carlisle Cafe & Sweets provided delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee.  
After the workshop, many of the attendees enjoyed lunch with me at Bruno's.
I am currently working on scheduling workshop's for the remainder of this year.  So far I will be presenting a De-Clutter Your Life Workshop in La Porte at B & J's Cafe on September 27th from 9-12 c.s.t.  Look for more information on that as time moves closer…

What Are You Giving Up?

When you are at a dinner party, networking event or golf outing, do you feel like you should be somewhere else?  With your husband, children or parent?  Or vice versa - when you are spending time with your children do you feel like you should be attending that dinner party?

To calm the feeling of, "I should be doing this," decide what you truly want out of life - and who you want to spend time with.  This is going to require you to say no to some things.  However, if you say no to one thing you are really saying yes to another.  You will be saying yes to what you want in your heart of hearts.

If you want to spend time with your husband and children, you will be saying no to evening events or activities that occur when your children and husband are home.  You will be saying yes to them.  Sure, you may feel some guilt.  That will be replaced with knowing that you are truly where you are meant to be.

If you are passionate about a non-profit in your community and want to spend the …

Planning Schmanning....

I recently saw a post on Facebook about planning and why bother doing it.  I filed this in my memory and thought - I've got to write about this.

I am a  planner.  Always have been.  I have to get everything ready for the next day, the night before.  Files pulled, clothes selected, GPS programmed, etc.  That way I can get going without any roadblocks.  Now, there have been times when I've been too tired to prepare for the next day.  Those  mornings never go well.  I can't figure out what to wear, takes me forever to find the address to where I am going, I forgot I needed to leave a little earlier to get gas, etc.  Do you see why I'm a planner?  I really don't want to start my day like that. It just sets me up to have a rotten day - and who needs it?

In another post on Facebook, the topic was having an organized desk.  Much of the discussion was that it is not possible and only people with nothing better to do were organized.  Oh boy.  Let me tell you - I have much b…