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How To Organize a Pile of Paper

Many of my clients have paper - and are not sure where to put it.  

In this video I will show you how to clear your counter top and desktop of paper using an action file.


Can't Find Your Keys ..... Again?! Break The Cycle....

You are late for a meeting, you can't find the file you are supposed to have with you and you get in your car just in time to remember - you were going to fill it up  - but forgot.  Now you are really going to be late!  Rats!

How often does this happen to you?  Okay, not this exact scenario but something similar.  Every day, every hour, every minute?  Do you want to change that?

I am offering a way for you to change from dis-organized to organized through my De-Clutter Your Life Membership Program. 

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Program Schedule Each month, you will be emailed a lesson along with homework. A few of the lesson subjects are listed below. Lessons:
How to get started

Paper Management Time management Completing Projects Changing Behavior Maintenance Psychology behind clutter How to Eliminate Junk Mail

Closet Management

Stress Management ALSO INCLUDED IN YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP: 1 quarterly 1/2 hour telephone call with me so that you get your own personalized solutions.

1 monthly hour long Q …

Green Kids

I had the pleasure of speaking to a Holistic Mom's Group recently. In researching organic, sustainable products to organize children's rooms I found the following products/solutions.

Store picture books as a flip-file, standing upright in a plastic dishpan. The child flips through the books, makes his selection, and tosses the book in the front of the dishpan when he's done.

An over the door shoe organizer is a great place to store toys, dolls and accessories.

Bamboo Toy Box
Bamboo is fast growing and does not need the help of pesticides or chemicals.

Organic Fabric bags
Hang hooks on the walls at your child's height with the outside labeled.

Baskets - natural reed or bamboo
Sort toys into various sized baskets. You may also want to label the outside of the baskets with pictures to help small children pick up easily.

Clay pots
Paint the outside of the pots with non toxic paint.  Also, one mother at the meeting suggested wrapping the pots with pictures your children h…

Simplify Your Life

I had the pleasure of writing an article for this months which is a fantastic online lifestyle magazine.

The offers insightful articles as well as features local business.  The look of the magazine is also very pleasing to the eye.

The best part of The  It's an online magazine so it's totally clutter free!  You know I love that!