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Step Forward in Confidence

Last week, my husband and I were in the checkout line at the supermarket and we spotted a bottle of Crystal Pepsi.  The clerk heard us and said, "Oh, yes, that's something new."  We shared that it was, in fact, introduced in the 1980's.  The clerk remarked that she wasn't alive back then.  Back then.  It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but time has a habit of flying by.

Then I started thinking about how time goes by so fast!
Have you looked around lately and noticed that you are stuck in the same place you were last year?

Are you ready to step forward in confidence?  Ready for a change? Are you ready to stop going it alone?

If you are, I have something I want to share with you.  I wanted to shake things up and do something different and fun.  So last week, I introduced my Group Coaching Program.
I created this program just for you so that you can:
Have support.  From me and your fellow group members via a private Facebook group for members of this program o…

It's Hard to Ask for Help

I know that asking for help is hard.  I also know that not asking for help and going it alone is hard.

I just wrote a speech about confidence.  In that speech, I reflected back on a time where I had to ask for help.  It was overwhelming for me to ask.  It was overwhelming not to ask.

Once I did ask for help, I was no longer overwhelmed.

I'm wondering if it's hard for you to ask for help.

I totally get that it is.  That's why I've created something that will help you........and it won't be hard to ask.

I've created a Group Coaching Program!

It includes:
Two 30 minute monthly webinars - the group chooses the topics*A private 45 minute coaching call to begin your year*A customized plan to help you reach your goalsMy books - Declutter Your Life & Always Seek JoyAccess to a private Facebook GroupA weekly Declutter Challenge*A private 45 minute coaching call to end your year*A day with me at Ikea + The Container Store with limo service*Indicates bonuses when you sign up…

Clarity is a Game-Changer

How many of you are feeling defeated and living in chaos? 

As a professional speaker, I'm going to show your audience how to feel confident, reduce stress and have a more positive outlook.

From my experience, as a Certified Professional Organizer, as well as what I learned from struggling with my own personal obstacles, I will teach your audience the steps to overcome obstacles, walk through planning their day and how to create a system to be put into place while in a free-fall.

One thing you can do right now, to calm the chaos, is to make a list of everything that you do in a day.  Then make a second list of the things you want to do in a day.  Compare the lists.  Adjust accordingly.

I know this to be true because a few years ago, I was living in chaos and uncertainty.   My mother had to move into a retirement community, my business was changing and there was some family drama.  I needed clarity.  So I sat down and made that comparison list.  In those lists, I identified what I could…