Positive Thinking Day and a Camino

I keep a list of holidays that somehow tie into organizing.  Today, September 13th we celebrate Positive Thinking Day.   I was so excited when I saw this day on my list!  This is why:

Last month I attended Elizabeth Hagen's Success Plus retreat in Minneapolis, MN.  Part of that retreat focused on the power of a camino.    Not actually walking for 10, 20 or 30 days straight but committing to something as simple as posting each day on your blog.  I considered that very briefly during the retreat but somehow volunteered to go ahead and do it last week.  (Not sure how I get myself into these things other than my mouth works much faster than my brain.)

So once I realized that I had volunteered to commit to a camino - I got excited about it.  Oh wait - let me back up a bit.  Elizabeth Hagen (who is now my business coach and I could not be happier about this) asked what my camino would be about.  I said gratitude.  If you can find one thing to be grateful for,  on one of your worst days, then you have it made.

The phenomenal Elizabeth Hagen and myself at NAPO conference.

So here it is - my commitment.  Beginning today - September 13th and ending on September 20th, I will post one thing I am grateful for each day - oh and a photo to go with it.

So here we go.  I am grateful for Elizabeth Hagen.  She is a fabulous coach!  I only wish I would have hired her sooner.

Until tomorrow.........peace.


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