Live the Life You Love.....

Live the Life You Love - Love the Life You Live.   I bought this sign as a reminder to myself to always strive for this.

I love that this sign features the infinity symbol.  It's a nice reminder that at any given moment, I may be loving the life I live or not so much loving it, but it always keeps looping.

Do I love the life I live everyday?  Most of the time I do.  Sometimes I do fall short.  On those days when I'm not loving it so much I ask myself - what can I do right now to make this moment, or this day, a little happier?  Sometimes it is as simple as choosing to try the new mint scented body lotion I just picked up.

Do you Live the Life You Love - and Love the Life You Live?  If you don't - what can you do right now, in this moment, to be happy?

In Joy,



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