Daddy's Lunchbox

My dad's lunchbox.  He took it to work every day for many, many years.

Since he passed, mom kept it.  I now own it.  For the longest time, it sat on a shelf in a closet.

I decided to use it.  If it was good enough for my dad - well, it's good enough for me.

Unfortunately, I had to let the thermos go due to chipping on the inside.  I was kind of bummed about this - I thought the thermos was even more retro than the lunch box.  It would have been very cool to carry a thermos of coffee with me.

I'm still trying to figure out how the price sticker stayed intact throughout the years.  It was purchased from G. L. Perry Variety Store, by the way.  Anyone remember that?

In order to keep my dad's lunchbox, I let go of the one I had been using by donating it.  (The old one-in-one-out rule.)

It keeps my dad's memory alive by using his lunchbox.  It's doing me much more good than keeping it in a closet.

What item do you have that you treasure?  Would you be willing to pull it out and use it?  Life is short - use that item in real life!

In Joy,



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