My Newest Title - Evernote Certified Consultant!

I am so happy to announce that I have completed my training and can add the title of Evernote Certified Consultant to my name!

I've loved Evernote for some time, even having spoken about it at many presentations over the years.

I wanted to learn even more ways to apply it to my life and my client's lives.  And I have.

In my personal life

Evernote helps me in my daily life in many ways:
  • Lists.  Shopping lists, to-do lists.
  • Searching by keyword for information.  It's so fast!
  • The awesome Web Clipper app that lets me save web pages and websites.
  • By utilizing it along with my digital magazine subscription to upload and save magazine articles.
  • By keeping up-to-date on my family's health.
It also syncs seamlessly between my devices, so I always have the most recent information at my fingertips, wherever I am.

For Business

Evernote keeps my business organized and running efficiently in many ways:
  • I utilize Evernote to keep track of the progress of projects.  
  • I use Penultimate to take notes during meetings - which automatically upload to my Evernote account.
  • I collaborate with clients and their projects.
  • I keep my travel reservations and information on Evernote.

If you are a business with employees in the same office or around the world, Evernote makes it easy to collaborate and share ideas.

You can present your ideas with Evernote's presentation mode - easily and efficiently.

With Web Clipper, you can research articles and collect them into your Evernote account.  You can also scan or snap photos of documents or photos.

Ready to learn more about how Evernote can work for you in your personal and business life?  Let's talk!  Schedule your Evernote Discovery Session with me here.


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