The Well Dressed Woman Workshop

I've been telling everyone how much value Clothes Mentor Mishawaka has added to my life.  That's why I am SO excited to be partnering with them for this event!  

If you are like me, I’ve been up and down on the scale.  Clothes Mentor allows me to have a “wearable closet” by selling the clothes that no longer fit and then purchasing ones that do.  I often leave paying very little (or nothing) because of what I’ve sold.  It’s a huge value!   

Clothes Mentor also adds value to my life with their personal shopper service.  I cannot dress myself.  Seriously.  My usual outfit is a t-shirt and jeans.  However, since I’ve been expanding my speaking, I’ve needed to up my wardrobe.  Jackie at Clothes Mentor Mishawaka has been a godsend.  She makes me look like a million bucks.   (Ignore all the ribbons in this photo - I went a little nuts.)

And even though I don’t enjoy shopping (I know, gasp!) Jackie makes it fun! 

So during our time together at Clothes Mentor, I’m going to:

  • Show you how to organize your closet to make getting dressed a snap.
  • Tell you how to sort your clothing to take to Clothes Mentor.
  • I’m going to share with you my #1 secret for getting rid of clothing - painlessly.
  • I’m going to show you how to make more room in your dresser drawers.
  • You know i'm going to include other information to help your life run smoother, right?  Like sharing how to manage those piles of paper that keep cluttering up your flat surfaces.
Will you join us?  Visit Clothes Mentor Mishawaka's Facebook page for more information and to RSVP.


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