Confidently Conquer Your Clutter

Hello Friends,

A few months ago, I wrote out some thoughts that help me to continually focus on being confident. This sits front and center of my desk every day. (For a paper hater, that is BIG)

Anyway, it is smack in the center of my desk to remind me to stop playing small, think BIG, be confident, don't hold back and to demand MORE.

What does all this mean? Let me break it down for you.
Stop playing small - I was still seeing myself as I was a decade ago. I have gained so much experience and wisdom. I wasn't using what I have learned. I stopped playing small.

Think BIG - For some reason (oh, yeah, confidence) I was thinking I could only speak to small groups in my area. That's now changed to - why can't I speak to a fortune 500 company? No reason I can think of. 

Be confident & don't hold back - believe it or not I have held back my opinions, laughter or a joke because I was afraid of how I would be judged. I'm getting too old for that. If I say it and someone doesn't agree - they are not my tribe and that's okay.

Demand MORE - I've accepted "good enough" for far too long. I'm demanding more of myself and for myself.

This all leads up to a BIG announcement!  Here it is - I have changed my Facebook Group from Fearlessly Organized to Confidently Conquer Your Clutter.  Join here!

MY Confidently Conquer Your Clutter FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE IS:

A safe place to talk about the organizing process, being real, being strong, being vulnerable, being weak but ALSO finding our super powers and confidence in the journey to organization.

Why did I change this group?
To be more authentic.  This feels so much better to me.  

Also, I've learned through the years that being confident is the key to many of life's obstacles.  Is it easy to come by?  For me, it hasn't been.  Is it a game changer?  Absolutely.  

So I'm going to be sharing my confidence story with you AND sharing some confidence boosting tips.  Here you can post your questions, talk through ideas, post your joys and fears and your own confidence boosters.

Don't be shy - join us!

I also have to tell you that as a bonus - when you join Confidently Conquer Your Clutter - you will get a discount code for your purchase of my newest program - Destination Organization.  This is, to date, my life's work.  It's ALL of my how-do videos, instruction sheets and LOADS of BONUS material, all for you to have the systems and plans in place to lead a more organized and joyful life.

Whew!  That's a lot.  

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer!

Confidently yours,



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